• Importance of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

    The Twelve Steps are the heart of the OA recovery program. They offer a new way of life that enables the compulsive eater to live without the need for excess food. The ideas expressed in the Twelve Steps, which originated in Alcoholics Anonymous, reflect practical experience and application of spiritual insights recorded by thinkers throughout the ages.


  • The Importance of Working the 12 Steps

    - Bridget (editor)

    One of the most instrumental roles in our recovery is working the 12 steps. The steps allow us to relinquish past resentments and feelings that propel us back into the vicious cycle of compulsive eating. Without step work many of us cannot be as spiritually free or stable as those who have worked the steps thoroughly. We truly become enriched people spiritually and in our daily living. The steps show us how our actions and behaviors affect others, allowing us to be more conscious of the things we do and say. This process happens gradually, and many of us don't realize how the steps are actively changing our lives.

  • The Steps are the Answer

    - Sabrina R., Chair, NOVA IG

    "The steps are the answer." This is a mantra I have heard in meetings, and have incorporated into my subconscious. I say this to myself every so often and my Higher Power reminds me of this fact from time to time when my life starts to become unmanageable. When my mind races to "I'm feeling so lost! What should I do" a little voice replies back