by Celesta P.

There are few things as intimate as writing and sharing a Fourth Step inventory. As a sponsor, it’s a special gift to be able to participate in such an experience. The first time through is always scary for sponsees, and I focus on being encouraging, loving, and supportive. So many emotions arise: fear, anger, shame, disappointment, self-pity, and resentment. I encourage my sponsees to just get it done. There is no such thing as a perfect Fourth Step, and it won’t be the last! When she is ready for Step Five, I organize a time to meet in-person. As a sponsor, I am called to listen with love. I do not judge and I do not give unsolicited advice. I can always relate to her experiences. I hear my own story in her Fourth Step, and it reminds me that I am right where I need to be. She is right where she needs to be, taking one step at a time towards recovery and freedom from compulsive overeating!

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