These articles appear every month in NoVAtions. They offer some thoughts on NoVAtions' topic of the month from a sponsor’s perspective.




 Surrender vs.  Compliance Surrender - A Sponsor's View March, 2017 
God and/or HP A Word from our Sponsors by Rachel B. February, 2017
Honesty Honesty - Sponsor's Perspective January, 2017
12th Step Within A phone call a day keeps the doctor away! Two or three is even better! December, 2016
Abstinence Abstinence - A Word from our Sponsors November, 2016
 Slogans A Slogan for New Sponsors October, 2016
 Finge (not fridge) Benefits  Finge (not fridge) Benefits  September, 2016
Men in OA   On Being a Male Sponsor August, 2016
Sponsorship H.O.W. Sponsorship  July, 2016
Our Primary Purpose A Sponsor's Word on Our Primary Purpose June, 2016
Self-honesty  Self-Honesty in Sponsorship May, 2016
Fearless and Thorough   The Gift of Listening with Love April, 2016