Abstinence - A word from our sponsors

Abstinence. One of the biggest challenges I hear other sponsors talking about is how do I help a sponsee get abstinent? That’s a good question. For me, it’s really important to remember that I’m not responsible for whether or not my sponsee is abstinent, but I can practice patience, love, and acceptance for a sponsee that is struggling. I have to turn my sponsee over to HP. And I share my experience, strength and hope. Allowing myself to feel uncomfortable feelings—fear, anger, loneliness—was critical to getting abstinent. So I if my sponsee is struggling, I talk about this and ask what he or she is feeling—or not wanting to feel. I love the slogan, "It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you." I am always grateful that my sponsee is in my life and on the road of recovery with me.

-Rachel B.