“. . . immature love tries to possess and control.”
                                - Overeaters Anonymous Second Edition. p. 245

How many times have I become a controlling person? My life revolved around demanding that everyone do things my way and becoming obsessed with the “right” way. Then when that didn’t work, I became so submissive that others could easily victimize me. I was led into many intolerable events just to please someone else.

This program of recovery helps me to discover myself. As I have learned my own real needs, I have been able to enter into true, sharing relationships. By developing a mature love with my Higher Power and becoming a friend to myself, I can distinguish the boundaries between my will and God’s will. Now choices are more blended into the question of “How important is it to my recovery?” The action of the program principles keeps me focused on what is vital for each moment.

Voices of Recovery: A Daily Reader.
Rio Rancho, NM: Overeaters Anonymous, 2009