The Steps are the Answer

- Sabrina R., Chair, NOVA IG

"The steps are the answer." This is a mantra I have heard in meetings, and have incorporated into my subconscious. I say this to myself every so often and my Higher Power reminds me of this fact from time to time when my life starts to become unmanageable. When my mind races to "I'm feeling so lost! What should I do" a little voice replies back

"The steps are the answer." If I'm feeling overwhelmed with life and not being able to center myself to start with the next right thing, my mind circles back to "The steps are the answer." I have NEVER regretted doing step work. It has helped transform me, it has helped me build a relationship with my Higher Power, it has helped me let go of decades of resentments. Step work has helped me become a better version of myself, stepsquote315distancing myself from my character defects and replacing them with my character assets. I am learning to be of service to my Higher Power. And that's who I was meant to be all along!


The steps are not merely a solution for our eating disorders. They are guidelines to restore and/or improve our personalities. They help teach us how to live a spiritual life-- how to surrender our egos to a power greater than ourselves. This surrender miraculously brings serenity and the promises in the Big Book and the OA 12 and 12 begin to come true in our lives.

The 12 Steps GraphicOne key to remember in working the steps is that they are steps of faith, action, and service. We must have faith that the steps can work for us as they have worked for countless others. We must take the actions necessary to work the steps, including working with a sponsor, reading, writing, and connecting to a Higher Power. The OA tools are additional resources that can help us take the actions that are needed to really work the steps. And finally, we must use the steps to serve. To serve others, to serve our higher power, and to serve ourselves. The big picture can seem overwhelming. So much work! So much time! So much responsibility! No worries, we just need to take it one step at a time.