Surrender vs. Compliance

- Anon

 I think of surrender and compliance as related but different. For me, the third important concept is choice.

When I surrender, I stop fighting. I can surrender to the disease, to recovery, to my Higher Power, to reality, to some feeling that wants to wash over me, etc.  

When I comply, I am acting according to some externally-determined approach—rules established by something other than me. I can comply willingly, because I think it is a good idea, or grudgingly, when I think it is a bad idea or feel resistance for some other reason. I comply with traffic laws and regulations, for example, because I think they are a good idea.

When I choose, I am acting on my own values. I can choose to comply with external rules, or not. I choose to follow my food plan, because it works for me. I like what I eat, it helps me feel good, and helps me do what I want to do. I choose to work my program because it helps me with all aspects of my life.