New list of available sponsors

Are you available as a sponsor, including as a temporary sponsor, food sponsor or a “30 Questions” sponsor*? Are you interested in an experiment to see if it’s helpful to connect people who are looking for sponsors with people who are available as sponsors? The Sponsorship Committee is asked every so often for suggestions of available sponsors, and we would like to help connect people. We will maintain a list of available sponsors, and if someone asks for possible sponsors, we can provide names and contact information. After that, as usual, it is up to the people to talk and see if they want to try working together. There is no obligation to sponsor anyone who calls; it is just a willingness to talk and to be available if it works out. 

What to do: 

If you are interested, please email your name, preferred means of contact (phone and/or email), whether someone can leave a phone message or not, and any other details you wish, to or rachelb7772@gmailcom. The Sponsorship Committee (actually Rachel B.) will maintain the list. To be removed from the list or to share any comments, questions or suggestions, just email again.

*A “30 Questions” sponsor is someone who will go through the 30 questions for newcomers in the pamphlet “A Guide for Sponsors.”