Men in Recovery

by Hal G.

When I think of men in OA, the first thing to pop up is the Sunday Morning Men’s Meeting. It is held at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning. This meeting still has at least 15 or more men show up despite the hour. For some members it is the only meeting that they attend. This meeting is over 25 years old. It started at a Denny’s Restaurant. It has moved to Alexandria hospital and then to The Unity Club. All of these places have negative foods but we prevail.

The meeting was created because men might censure their sharing in the presence of women. This could be bad language or even sexual issues that may come up. Relationship challenges are a biggie, just like at a co-ed meeting. A group conscious at our meeting rarely goes over 10 minutes.

The content of our shares is similar in many ways to what is shared at a co-ed meeting. We talk about job stuff, family issues, travelling challenges, and more. One simple way that this meeting is different is that at the end of the meeting we get into a circle and say the closing prayer with arms over shoulders. We don’t hold hands. It’s a guy thing.

Overall men in recovery look a lot like women in recovery. We want the same things. The why and the shares may be different, but “we are all together now, reaching out our hands to find love and understanding beyond our wildest dreams.” Y’all keep coming back now, ya hear.