How Do We Welcome Newcomers?

I have been thinking a bit about how we welcome newcomers. So I am wondering: what can I do to "extend the hand and heart of OA" to others who share my compulsion? What made me feel welcome and stay? I have a few ideas, and thought I would jot them down and share them, in case you would like to try some of them. What other ideas do you have? 

Maybe the most important ones....

  • Speak to a newcomer after a meeting.
  • Call a newcomer in the week after a meeting. Ask if he or she would like to talk, if they have any questions, etc. Tell them you look forward to seeing them again.
  • Call a newcomer several weeks after a meeting.  
  • Offer to be a sponsor—or a temporary sponsor—or someone the newcomer can call every day for a few weeks while they are looking for a sponsor.   
  • Offer to be someone they call regularly.  

 And anything else is a good idea too!

  • Offer to meet a newcomer for coffee.
  • Offer to show a newcomer literature—assuming the meeting has literature for sale—and tell the newcomer about a piece of literature  you found really helpful when you were new.
  • Offer to go through the 30 Questions in the “Guide to Sponsorship” pamphlet.
  • Ask if they have a newcomers' packet. If they don't, let the newcomer know that they are available at some meetings and from the bookstore at Or maybe you have one stashed away that you can offer to give them at the next meeting.
  • Ask if they know about the newcomers' meetings listed on the Where & When.


~ Anonymous