From the OA NoVA Intergroup Chair - 0817

Dear Friends in Recovery,

After a brief hiatus, I am delighted that NoVAtions is back in business! I am grateful to our editors Cecilia and Kate who have lots of great ideas and energy. I appeal to each and every one of us to consider submitting articles for future issues. As we use our program tools of reading and writing, I am certain there are many jewels out there than can be shared to strengthen everyone's recovery!

Our eighth tradition tells us that while we remain forever non-professional, our service centers may employ special workers. One of the many things I like about this tradition is that it gives us the opportunity as non-professional members to share the responsibility of our central defining work--to carry the message. As members of Overeaters Anonymous, we are in a unique position to share what a life in recovery looks, sounds and feels like. This is such a message of hope because we who have also suffered are now living the miracles every day. This gives us an undeniable credibility with those who have lost hope--those who have tried countless products and treatments only to get beaten down time and time again by the craving and obsession (just like we were). Our motive is not profit; it is, ultimately, to give back the love and acceptance we have received and to let that message shine through to everyone who walks through our doors.

Remember, together we get better!
Jess W.