Dear Friends in Recovery,

Our way of life is all about putting Love into action. Before program I really didn't know how to love (and I am still learning every day). But one thing that I know is that the Love that has been shown to me again and again is astonishing. When I walked through the door of my very first meeting, I was welcomed and accepted exactly as I was, and this is still true today which has been life-changing! I don't have to do or say or be anything to be loved here. Love is freely given with no expectations. That kind of Love from you and my Higher Power gives me a safe harbor from which I can venture out and meet life's challenges with clarity, strength, and courage.

I do my best to help provide that same safe harbor to others by welcoming newcomers, giving service at the level that I can when I can, and carrying the message to those who may need our rooms as badly as I do. When I consider how broken I felt when I arrived on OA's doorstep and how I feel today in recovery, my heart is full to the brim with Love for all of you who have kept me coming back no matter what. The Love in the rooms has done nothing short of save my life, and I thank you for that!

Remember, together we get better!
Jess W.