“…there is no one right way to do Step Eleven. ‘Keep it simple’ is a good slogan to apply here. Remembering that our goal is to develop a closer conscious contact with God, prayer is simply what we do when we talk with our Higher Power….”

When I first got abstinent, my sponsor shared with me that she writes out her problems and concerns at the end of the day and puts them in her God box so that she can get a good night’s sleep. The idea, she said, is to let God do the worrying.

I made a big God box and started putting my Tenth Step in it at bedtime. Then I found myself writing “God notes” throughout the day, shoving them in my pocket until I got home to put them in the box. These notes often take the form of appreciation; gratitude; desires to improve myself; and requests for a different view when worry, anger, resentment, confusion, or disappointment take over my thinking. My prayers bring me closer to God, and my trust in him grows. God continues to transform my life and my relationships as I continue, one day at a time, to stuff little pieces of paper into my oatmeal carton.

January 21 entry, Voices of Recovery: A Daily Reader, © 2002 by Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.