12th Step Within and Relapse

Republished from www.oagb.org.uk and www.oa.org

12th Step Within work is about reaching out to those in the Fellowship who still suffer and addressing relapse and recovery of our members. Its purpose is to strengthen Overeaters Anonymous by sharing information and ideas that generate recovery within the Fellowship. Those who give 12th-Step-Within service encourage existing OA members to become or remain abstinent, to work the 12 Steps and to give service to the best of their ability. Doing this service increases the quantity and quality of recovery in our fellowship, thereby assisting our own spiritual journey. 12th Step Within does not focus on attracting new members; it explicitly supports the ones we already have. Anyone who is abstinent and working his or her own recovery can do this service. No special qualifications are necessary; only willingness is needed.

We can all help carry the message of recovery through abstinence and working the Steps by

  • being well ourselves;
  • giving service, sponsorship and friendship;
  • encouraging membership retention;
  • attending meetings and OA events.

Here is an overview of what you and your group or Intergroup can do to be available to members in relapse:

  • Hold workshops, retreats, and conventions.
  • Sponsor personally or by mail/email.
  • Focus on membership retention.
  • Buy the Twelfth-Step-Within Handbook for more information and ideas, workshop formats, etc.
  • Provide literature that addresses Twelfth-Step-Within concerns

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