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First, a welcome to our new Intergroup board members. And, a thank you for the service of the outgoing board. The good news is that Intergroup continues with most positions filled.

Now a word about recovery. We learn in OA that recovery has three components: physical, emotional, and spiritual, the proverbial three legged stool. My stool has a short leg. It is the emotional leg. Sitting on a stool with one leg shorter than the other leaves me off balance at times. And when I am off balance, relapse is more likely. So, a key to my sustainable abstinence is to get all three legs of my recovery stool in balance.

But, how? Of course, working all twelve steps is key. I decided that it was also important . . . Read More


Dear Friends in Recovery,

As we begin a new year I am reminded of how January 1st always held the tantalizing promise of a new me. A better me. A thin me. As I ate and drank my way through the holidays of 1998, I did so for the first time without seeing that magical date as my salvation. You see that was when I finally gave up all hope for a better future. I abandoned myself to food (and alcohol) because I knew that I was utterly defeated. What I couldn't know then was . . . Read More


Five or six years ago, I was involved in OA service work within my region. To aid my interactions with the personalities I encountered, I read recovery literature on Tradition Two.

Over time, it slowly occurred to me that this Tradition was inviting me to have a relationship with a loving Higher Power. It came with the awareness that I was still carrying false core beliefs about a punishing, judgmental, demeaning God.

My new awareness from Tradition Two infiltrated my Step Two experience. I came to believe . . . Read More


I love the spirit within each of you.
I love the endless kindness and understanding.
I love the sharing of our lives together.
Your struggle is my struggle.
I feel your sorrows and joys, your strengths and weaknesses.
It is the same with me; we share the same journey.

- Rick E.

"Unity: An OA Love Poem." Lifeline. February 01, 2017. Accessed January 15, 2018.


Heavenly Father,
I know in my heart that only you can restore me to sanity. 
I humbly ask that you remove all twisted thought & addictive behavior from me this day.
Heal my spirit & restore in me a clear mind. 

Alternate Prayer
I pray for an open mind so I may come to
believe in a Power greater than myself.
I pray for humility & the continued
opportunity to increase my faith.
I don't want to be crazy any more.

"Second Step Prayer." Overeaters Anonymous Silicon Valley in California. Accessed January 10, 2018. 

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The Saturday 10:30 Reston Meeting is changing location!!!!

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