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Introductions are in Order

By Cecilia and Kate, your NoVAtions editors

Welcome back! After a short break, NoVAtions is back in business with Kate I. and Cecilia W. serving as your co-editors. As this is very new to both of us, we appreciate your patience as we learn the ropes of putting together our monthly publication. We haven’t quite figured out which of us is doing what, but we are excited about the chance to serve. Here’s a little bit about us: . . .

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“Just for today” – Program Slogan

“Just for today” is one of the program slogans that works for me. It is even better than “one day at a time” because that suggests another day coming. Sometimes, today is as much as I can handle. As the pamphlet says, “I can do things for one day that I couldn’t begin to think of doing for any length of time, not even one more day.” At times, I have had to say to myself, “only four, three, two more hours until I go to bed, close my eyes, don’t have to talk to one more person or do one more thing.” It is a sublimely peaceful feeling to reach the end of that one day, to be finished. . .

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From the Chair

After a brief hiatus, I am delighted that NoVAtions is back in business! I am grateful to our editors Cecilia and Kate who have lots of great ideas and energy. I appeal to each and every one of us to consider submitting articles for future issues. As we use our program tools of reading and writing, I am certain there are many jewels out there than can be shared to strengthen everyone's recovery!

Our eighth tradition tells us that while we remain forever non-professional, our service centers may employ special workers. One of the many things I like about this tradition is that . . .

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The Men's Sunday meeting is moving!!!!

On July 16th, the Men's Sunday meeting held from 8:00 am to 9:30 am will move to the American Legion Post 130 at 400 N Oak St., Falls Church, 22046.


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