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Does Your Program Need a Boost?  Consider a Position on the NoVA IG Board or as Region 7 Rep or World Service Delegate!

A slate of eligible candidates for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Region 7 Rep(s) and World Service Delegate(s) will be presented at the November 18th meeting and elections will be held on Saturday, December 16th.

See the NoVA IG By Laws and Procedures Manual for qualifications and position descriptions.

If you want to run for a position, nominate someone or have any questions, please contact any of the current Board members. Qualified individuals may nominate themselves. Nominations can also be made from the floor at the December 16th meeting.




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Dear Fellow OA members,

As of the printing of this issue of NoVAtions no one has come forward to run for the four open positions on the Board: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or Treasurer. We are hopeful that this will turn around in time for the elections at the Intergroup meeting on December 16th.

If you have the qualifications for a Board position, please consider running. Even if you are fearful about taking on such a role, your Higher Power and the fellowship will support you to give your best. Many of us had no experience with service beyond the meeting level. It is a sad day when . . . Read More



Dear Friends in Recovery,

The theme this month is the principle of service. This is one of the cornerstones of our program. An oft-quoted shorthand for the steps tells us: Trust God (Steps 1-3). Clean house (Steps 4-10). Help others (Steps 11 and 12). One of the many paradoxes in program is . . . Read More




And here is your hint: D = S  

For solution, read this month's current NoVations!



For those old enough to remember, Bell Telephone Company in the seventies and later AT&T in the eighties encouraged its customers to stay in touch with new and old friends with its "Reach Out And Touch Someone” advertising campaign. Those old ads with happy faces and outdated hairstyles can be found on Youtube and are sure to make you smile.

While researching for the December NoVAtions newsletter, I found that OA has its own version of reaching out and touching someone . . . Read More



 There are so many opportunities in OA to give back what we have been given. I have been inspired by members who have shared their Step 12 goals in meetings and then achieved them. A member in one of my meetings persistently looks for opportunities to give service and makes outreach calls to others who have stopped coming. As a result of this service, the meeting has grown.

My recovery began 2 years ago when OA members were willing to call me, become my friend, and give me the support I needed to rebuild my life. Feeling cared about motivated me to become . . .Read More



Dear God,
My spiritual awakening continues to unfold. The help I have received I shall pass on & give to others, both in & out of the Fellowship. For this opportunity I am grateful. I pray most humbly to continue walking day by day on the road of spiritual progress. I pray for the inner strength & wisdom to practice the principles of this way of life in all I do & say. I need You, my friends & the program every hour of every day. This is a better way to live.

"Twelfth Step Prayer." Overeaters Anonymous Silicon Valley in California. 


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The Manassas Wednesday 8:30 am Big Book Meeting is changing dates!!!!

After the meeting on Wednesday the 25th, the Manassas Big Book Study meeting will move to Sundays at 8:30 am.


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