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Want to help coordinate for Unity Day on Feb. 25?

Suggest or volunteer yourself for any of the following:

  • A start-off panel of 3 or 4 sharing their OA stories
  • Two or three parallel workshops -- topics to be decided.
  • Help with set-up, clean-up, or registration/welcome for various 1-hour stints during the day.
  • Remember to spread the word by downloading and sharing the Unity Day Flyer at your meetings.

To volunteer or have questions contact Linda - at or or at 301-294-0566 home phone or 301-641-9508 cell phone.


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An Atheist in OA

by Sarah S., your NoVAtions editor

A couple of months ago a fellow suggested we do an issue of NoVAtions focusing on those of us who don’t believe in god, don’t know whether or not we believe in god, or generally have trouble with the concept of a higher power. I’m a pretty dogmatic atheist, so I was all for it. Little did I know . . .  

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And Now A Word from Our Sponsors

by Rachel B.

Lots of people in OA struggle in one way or another with this idea of “God” or “Higher Power.” What is it? What do I believe? Do I have to pray? What if I don’t believe in God? What if I hate God? What if I hate the religion I was brought up in? How do I “turn my will and my life over” to something that doesn’t exist? Can I just work this program without this “God” stuff?

When a sponsee starts asking these sorts of questions. . .  

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How does an agnostic or atheist work the 12 steps?

I rarely use the terms agnostic or atheist to describe myself, and the question of “Is there is a God?” is not one I give much thought to. The big questions on how the world works, does some entity direct it, is it preordained or random or some mix—while these are interesting topics, I have never believed I had the ability to answer.

I observed that many people had religious answers to this, others had spiritual answers, and other had scientific theories. It was clear that these groups often believed these narratives with passion and certitude. It occurred to me that it is hard to imagine them all being true because many seem contradictory, and just because you believe something doesn’t mean it’s true. I think about the many thousands of years people thought the sun circled the Earth or that the Earth was flat. So at the end of the day....

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From the NoVA Intergroup Chair

Dear Friends in Recovery,

As a devout agnostic, I am deeply grateful that AA's founders understood 1) that addiction is a spiritual disease and requires a spiritual solution, and 2) that a specific idea of God in step 2 would be a deal-breaker for some members who would die without a spiritual solution. As a result, the . . . 

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Hi All,
The following request comes from DC-Metro Intergroup which is hosting the Unity Day celebration this year.  Please share with your meetings and other members.  Those who can give service should contact Linda Silversmith directly.
Hi OAers helping to coordinate for Unity Day on Feb. 25,  
As of yesterday I have become chair for the event as our previous chair Jim has been unable to continue.
How can each of your intergroups help? 
     (1) Can you suggest or volunteer yourself for any of the following:  A start-off panel of 3 or 4 sharing their OA stories and then two or three parallel workshops -- topics to be decided. 
    (2) volunteers to help with set-up, clean-up, or registration/welcome for various 1-hour stints during the day.
Also if you are circulating more flyers, please take Jim's name off as a contact for volunteering and just have folks contact me - at  or  or at 301-294-0566 home phone or 301-641-9508 cell phone.
Thanks and hope to see most of you on Feb. 25.
Linda Silversmith  :)


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