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12th Step Within

by Sarah S., your NoVAtions editor

When I first heard the phrase “12th step within,” I thought it meant 12-stepping oneself rather than others who may have lost contact with program. But is this such a silly idea? Doesn’t carrying the message begin with our own programs? I may be going to meetings, doing service, and making calls, but I still may not be practicing these principles in all my affairs. I may not be living the 12-step values on a daily basis. I may not have what others want.

I recently tried to 12-step someone outside of program and, as the kids say, epic fail. I ended up . . .  

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12th Step Within and Relapse

Republished from www.oagb.org.uk and www.oa.org

12th Step Within work is about reaching out to those in the Fellowship who still suffer and addressing relapse and recovery of our members. Its purpose is to strengthen Overeaters Anonymous by sharing information and ideas that generate recovery within the Fellowship. Those who give 12th-Step-Within service encourage existing OA members to. . .  

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New List of available sponsors

Are you available as a sponsor, including as a temporary sponsor, food sponsor or a “30 Questions” sponsor*? Are you interested in an experiment to see if it’s helpful to connect people who are looking for sponsors with people who are available as sponsors? The Sponsorship Committee is asked every so often for suggestions of available sponsors, and we would like to help connect people. We will maintain a list of available sponsors, and if someone asks for possible sponsors, we can provide names and contact information. After that, as usual, it is up to the people to talk and see if they want to try working together. There is no obligation to sponsor anyone who calls; it is just a willingness to talk and to be available if it works out.

What to do:  . . .  

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And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

A phone call a day keeps the doctor away! Two or three is even better!


From the NoVA Intergroup Chair

Dear Friends in Recovery,

The entire point of the program, which is working the Steps, is not just for me to recover. It is to have a spiritual awakening and carry the message. I have been given my life back by this amazing fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous and its spiritual antecedent, AA. No, actually, that's not true—what's true is that I have been given a life I never had, one that I could not even imagine possible. And I owe everything to this program of recovery. My sponsor often tells me . . . 

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*** Meeting Location Change - 100 Pounders and Everyone Welcome ***

Friday November 25 (the day after Thanksgiving), the Friday Night Arlington 8 pm 100 Pounders and Everyone Welcome meeting is not meeting at Westover Baptist Church because the church is closed.  The meetings will be at the Unity Club,  116B West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA 22046

*** Meeting Closing - "Living the Literature" ***

Thursday November 17th, 2016 will be the last meeting held for the Springfield Living the Literature Meeting.


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